Following the adoption of a new Law on State Aid Control, the Serbian Parliament has appointed the president and members of the country’s state aid authority – the Commission for State Aid Control.

The Commission for State Aid Control is an independent authority overseeing compliance with state aid legislation in Serbia. The Commission is headed by its president, who is at the same time presiding over the Council of the Commission. Apart from the president of the Commission, the Council has four more members (commissioners).

Both the president and Council members are appointed by the Serbian Parliament, for a term of five years. Under the old state aid legislation, these appointments were being made by the Government. At least theoretically, appointments by the Parliament should provide Serbia’s state aid watchdog more operational independence.

As in the previous Commission, the head of Serbia’s state aid watchdog in the new setup will be Mr. Vladimir Antonijević. Mr. Dragan Đurđević, who was also a commissioner in the previous setup of the Commission, has retained his place in the new Commission. The remaining three commissioners are new and are: Ms. Ljiljana Blagojević, Mr. Marko Vidaković, and Mr. Dušica Đorđević.

The new Commission will be applying the Law on State Aid Control adopted in the fall of 2019. For an overview of the major changes introduced by this law, please see here.