Nine years after the adoption of the current Law on the Control of State Aid, Serbia is set to get a new legislation in this field. The proclaimed purpose of the new law is to regulate State aid issues in a more precise and complete manner than the current one.

So, what are the most interesting novelties in the draft of the new law?

Perhaps the most criticized part of the current State aid enforcement regime in Serbia has been the setup of the watchdog in charge of State aid control in Serbia – the Commission for Control of State Aid. Specifically, under the current law, the five members of the State Aid Commission are appointed by the Government and are in essence representatives of various ministries – which regularly feature as grantors of State aid.

In the draft new law, the president and members of the State Aid Commission will no longer be appointed by the Government, but will be elected by the Parliament, for a period of five years. This would surely be a welcome change, as it would represent an additional safeguard concerning the independence of the Commission.

For more information about the draft new law, please contact Dr. Dragan Gajin.